Friday, October 8, 2010


I feel so privileged to be able to create with my hands and express thoughts from my heart. Over the years this has taken many forms as I discovered different mediums.

As for now, I’m rediscovering acrylic paint and working in mixed-media collage….something I never thought I’d enjoy. I also rediscovered my garden this past January and love watching the foliage and colors erupt from the soil.

We have a library in town that is just a couple of blocks from my home. Taking walks there with my grandson each week has become a part of my weekly schedule. They offer free books (discards from their storage room) and they are often old and worn. I have enjoyed giving them new live in the art pieces I’m creating.

 My art is a process, a journey I am on. I’m learning about myself and discovering places that have been tucked away for years as I raised my kids, got caught up in being busy and often took my eyes off of what is really important. It's so easy for us to say “someday” to things that are tugging at our heart and brush them off as something we will do in our retirement years.

I realize now that I should have made the time to do those things. I do not have regrets because that is a waste of time. I cannot change the past and I don't know what the future holds. The Lord gave me this moment in time to enjoy and so I am. I'm taking those "someday" things off the dusty shelves and bringing them into my life. My art is one of them.

Things are not any less busy now that my kids are married and making a life of their own. My life is full and I’m very happy about that. I invite you to join me on this daily journey. Perhaps it's time for you to examine your shelf of "someday" things and start bringing them into your life.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me. We were not meant to journey alone.