Monday, November 5, 2012

Life Lesson from my Garden

My summer garden is still producing tomatoes but the rest of the planting area is abandoned and has been for months. Call it neglect. Call it a bad year. Whatever it caused my garden to yield very little during a time of year that I'm used to abundance.

So yesterday, after enjoying an extra hour of sleep, I decided it was time to get my fall/winter garden planted. The nursery area at Home Depot is usually my first stop when I need garden soil, fertilizer and plants. I was somewhat perplexed though when I saw shelves lined with summer plants. They had tomatoes, zucchini squash and cucumbers. Granted, we are experiencing warm weather and these plants would probably do okay for about 3-4 weeks.  But, when they need those hot afternoons to bring out the best in what they have to offer, our weather will be cooling down rather than warming up.

Needless to say, I got the garden soil I needed and headed to a smaller nursery just a few blocks away. I was delighted to see several choices of lettuce, beets and herbs. A full collection of seed packets lined the wall and I added packages of snap peas, parsnips and kale seed to my purchase.

It took most of the day for my husband and I to yank out the weeds, till the ground, add new soil and get a few things planted.

I couldn't help but think again about the choices that the bigger nursery had for me. I must admit when I saw all the healthy zucchini plants I thought it would be so nice to have a "do over" with my crop. But I'm so glad I have a little knowledge about the fruitless efforts of doing that in November.

With a long day of gardening behind me, an ice pack on my back and dirt under my fingernails I am pondering a life lesson from my gardening experiences today.

Just because I CAN do it .....doesn't mean I SHOULD do it!

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