Monday, December 3, 2012

Garbage Soup Memories

When I was growing up it was not uncommon for my dad to clean out the refrigerator on a Sunday afternoon and put together into what he called "garbage soup". He would take all the leftover bits of meat and vegetables and put almost all of it into a big pot with some broth and make soup for dinner.

I hadn't thought of this for years but the idea of making a big pot of soup this afternoon brought life to that memory. The rain has been coming down for several days and it's the kind of weather that invites comfort food for our meal tonight. It's a tradition of ours to make broth from our Thanksgiving turkey so I had that prepared with the intention of throwing a few veggies in, simmering it on the stove and calling it a day.

Of course, I don't have leftovers in my refrigerator as my mom did when my childhood home was filled with all eight of us, but I successfully resurrected some limp kale and chard for another meal. So it's official.....I can call it "garbage soup".

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