Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY: Christmas Greens

I love bringing bits of nature in our home during the holiday season. Fruit, leaves, pinecones, pods,'s all beautiful to me!! And what other time of year do we bring a whole tree into our home!!

With the schedule both my husband and I are keeping with work these days I was wondering if we'd ever find a few hours for picking up a Christmas tree. We decided, rain or shine, we'd go to the Holiday Open House on Saturday at one of our favorite nurseries. It turned out that getting a little rained on was well worth it. After using 2 gift certificates and subtracting their 20% discount we paid less than $7 for our tree. Then during our drive home, my husband reminded me that we get a $10 store credit when we return the tree stand. We just couldn't stop laughing at how fun our little Christmas tree adventure was!!

Sunday morning we ventured into town for some breakfast at our local coffee shop. A clever boy scout mom made an adorable hanging sign for her son to wear as he sold mistletoe to passersby. How could we resist?!!

I decided to bring in a few cuttings from our trees and add some more fresh greenery around the house.  I just added a bit of floral tape around the top of the stems to hold them together. I'm okay with the floral tape showing but if you create some of these for yourself, you may want to cover it with some twine or ribbon.

Create some simple arrangements of your own and have fun!!

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