Monday, December 23, 2013

Memories of a Doll Maker

My mom was a doll maker. She loved creating dollies with rosy cheeks and pretty floral or checkered dresses. She must of made hundreds of them and many of her handmade treasures went into the hands of her daughters and grand daughters.

Her first doll, we called her Abby, was given to my daughter as a birthday gift. It went just about everywhere with Heather and Abby shows every bit of the years of love she received. Every few months she was stuffed into a pillow case and given a gentle machine washing but there are things that won't come out in the wash. These worn and fraying fabric were stitched together with love and hold the aged stains of childhood memories.

I am not a doll maker like my mom was but I have the tools, the knowledge and one of her patterns. So this Christmas season, I became a doll maker for a few days.

It was bittersweet to pour out the contents of this pattern bag. I unearthed a time capsule from 1993.....the year she got sick and stopped making dolls. Tears rolled down my cheek with happy discoveries mixed with the sting of loss.

She must have accidentally cut an extra leg piece and tucked it in the bag for her next project. It was there for safe keeping these past 20 years. An ordinary shopping list of materials in her handwriting is now a treasure. A collection of her favorite buttons were there too.

It was not uncommon for my mom to give us small gifts throughout the year. "Just because" she would say! Her words spilled out this weekend as I used her pattern to create a new doll. It should have been her hands making it for 2-year-old Kyla. I stand in her place instead. These pattern pieces take shape at my sewing machine. I am the doll maker now!

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  1. I also inherited my mother's sewing cabinet when she passed in 2007 and I cherished every spool of thread and thimble that was in it. I am the doll maker in my family as well now. I always feel her in my studio when I sew, but I still wish she were around to be the maker.
    Happy Christmas and blessings on you and yours.


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