Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY: Branch Bouquets

I was asked by someone recently about how I bring the beauty of the garden into my home. Since I don't have the budget to buy a fresh bouquet of flowers each week and my flowering garden plants are in their quiet winter mode, that answer is not among my multiple choice options right now.

When nature is fully clothed in its blossoms and green leaf shrouds we can miss the architectural beauty of the trees and plants that we walk by every day. We have over a dozen mature trees on our property and they drop a lot of branches. I like to collect them, like a freshly picked bouquet, and arrange them in my favorite vases.

My most recent collection if from the sycamore tree outside my bedroom window. The fun thing about branches is that they can hold all sorts of ornaments year round! I've also been looking for a place to put the sweet little hummingbird nest I found in our redwood tree last year. Complete with three small egg-shaped moonstones it now has a home!

My sister Catherine sells the more adorable gift tag/ornaments in her etsy shop. When she sent me a bundle of them last month and my branch bouquet was the perfect place to display them. I actually just ordered some of her adorable valentine theme tags.

Branches.....that's one of the ways I bringing nature's beauty into my home. Perhaps it's time for you to go on a nature walk and gather a bouquet! I'd love to hear how you decorate them!

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