Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY: Rustic Garden Tool Wreaths

Several years ago while out on a walk I noticed a "wreath" of garden tools hanging on a large side gate of a home just a few blocks from our neighborhood. I became intrigued by it and eventually went by to investigate how it was put together.

We had plenty of old, rusty, useless yard tools leaning in the corner of our garden shed so I went to work constructing my own garden tool wreath. It has hung outside my back door for at least 15 years and I always thought I'd like to make another.

After cleaning out our garden shed recently I found another collection of worn out, rusty tools and it was time to either toss them in the garbage or make another wreath or TWO!!

You will need 7 garden tools with long handles for the main part of your wreath. Worn out brooms, rakes with missing tines, rusty shovels and hoes. The vertical tool will stay it's original length but the others will be cut down. Lay them out on your driveway or sidewalk and figure out an arrangement that you like. Draw lines on the handles where they intersect so you know where to cut them.

Using a short section of 2x4 lumber cut to about 8-12" as the base,  arrange your tools and attach them with a couple of screws. To prevent the handles from splitting it is helpful to pre-drill the holes before screwing them in place.

Now the trick is to arrange all sorts of small handled tools, old sprinklers, garden pots, etc to cover the 2x4 and create a center point for your wreath. Use lengths of old wire (it's going to get rusty in the weather anyway) and attach them as best you can. Don't worry about being fancy. It's all part of the rustic feel of it!


  1. Absolutely Adorable!! Love the one with the bucket!!! I wonder what they made their "ribbon" out of.. some kind of corrugated metal? Fabulously talented you are!!

  2. Hi Lisa! Yes....that is exactly what the "ribbon" is. It was left over from a garden border.

  3. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these wreaths! These are just so fabulous! One of the most wonderful things I've seen...


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