Friday, February 7, 2014

Creative Inheritance

The creative spirit that brews in me every day, that grabs my attention when I wake and keeps me up late into the evening, is an inheritance that I value. I know that we all have the capacity to create.  I love how Emily Freeman lays this out so beautifully in her book - A Million Little Ways. We each do it every day whether we're aware of it or not. But for some of us it is a way of life.

I took it for granted. I thought every little girl was taught to sew and knit and create scrapbooks out of bound newsprint pads. It didn't occur to me that while I was learning to add embroidery stitches to my jeans, my friends were learning to play the piano or pitch a soft ball. I didn't know that I was being uniquely equipped for a creative lifestyle.

I realized just last week that there is so much about my upbringing that is unique. People chuckle a bit when they find out that I was born and raised in this little town I still call home. It only takes me 20 minutes to walk from my front door to the house that I grew up in.

The center of town used to be filled with businesses that met every need of our family. It was a Saturday ritual for me to walk into town with my sister Julie. Even though we loved getting our bag of candy and visiting my grandma at the Fashionette, our ultimate goal was to spend the afternoon at Garland's Fabric store. Time would easily slip by as we poured over the pages of every pattern book and walk up and down the rows and rows of fabrics. 

Those memories, and the years that I've spent sitting at a humming sewing machine, are woven into every stitch I make to create the things for Mama Bleu Designs.

I know, from the stories she used to tell me, that sewing and crafting was a way for my mom to keep her sanity while raising 6 kids. She made a few outfits for us but mostly she made things for our home to make it beautiful. I wonder sometimes if she really knew how much she taught me from her example.

Time and time again a friend will remind me that what I do, what I know about art and crafting, is not the norm for most people. The things that are easy for me, like sewing on a button, is a mystery for some people. I think of a doctor who has gone to years of medical school to learn their skill. I'm sure that stitching up a wound is something they would (for the most part) consider "easy".

I am becoming more aware that the gift I have is unique and precious. It is a gift that keeps on giving....from me, through me and to me. This gift that my mom started sharing with me so many years ago is still giving, even though she is no longer here to enjoy it with me. I am blessed! I am thankful! I am a gift receiver and I'm so very grateful that this gift has taken root in my children and is taking root in my grand children!

I wish my mom was here to see what her gift to me has yielded!


  1. I just bought my daughter a sewing machine for her 18th birthday and she's thrilled with it. Her friends think she's weird, but that's why they like her. I learned to sew from my mother, my best friend. She passed away seven years ago and I miss her every day. She used to tell people that she didn't know where I got my artistic ability, because I mostly paint. I learned to be creative at her feet while she sewed. I sew more now and I'm teaching my daughter now too. It's a connection to my mother that I wouldn't trade for anything.

    1. What wonderful memories!! Thanks for sharing....and how lucky for your daughter to have you passing it on to her!


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