Friday, February 28, 2014

Making a Beautiful Mess of Our Own

Sometimes change happens slowly and other times it gets in your face and it's just right there....right now!!

My daughter and son-in-law have been looking for a new apartment for months and one became available this past weekend. They put in their application and were accepted almost immediately. Moving day is this Saturday.

A rain storm is coming in this week. It's supposed to be a good one...which is great because we really need the rain. My sister reminded me that moving in the rain is good luck. We have done it a couple of times! But it won't be raining on their moving parade this weekend. They will be staying nice and dry in their stairwell because their new address is right down stairs!

Amongst the flurry of packing is the opportunity to do a few projects that have been on their wish list. Heather and Eddie are great thrift store shoppers. They have found some great pieces of furniture for their small living space. A dull colored dresser is getting a face lift in my garage this week.

Inspired by a project from A Beautiful Mess, Heather purchased a pint of Sail the Seas by Valspar. There is nothing like some happy colors to bright up a home!! With paint brushes in hand we quickly added the first coat of paint before dinner.

We've been dodging the rain for the last couple of days so the bit of sunshine yesterday was welcome. I have a mind that comes up with crazy problem solving ideas. I hung the old hardware on tomato cages in my garden so I could give them a fresh coat of silver paint. Silly as this looks, it worked great!!

I never did get a chance to see the cabinet all put together but all the parts of it looks awesome!!

Inspiration brings on more inspiration!! When we were at the paint store we grabbed some swatches of other happy paint colors so we can try out this project too!!

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