Friday, March 28, 2014

Mama Bleu Designs and Cottages & Bungalows Magazine

Three weeks into January this year I was contacted by Maggie Abratte, a writer from Cottages & Bungalows magazine. Needless to say I was thrilled that she wanted to do a phone interview with me for the artist feature in their April issue.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's a Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Sometimes you just need to take a break from routine and bake a couple dozen cookies. Just the mention of baking gets my grand kids excited. They play with the measuring cups and spoons and take turns dumping ingredients into the mixing bowl. It's probably one of my favorite activities with the kids!

A friend asked me to share my recipe with her so I thought.....what the heck.....I'll just share it here with all of you. This reminds me of my baking session today. I was showing the kids how my cookie dough scooper works. They watched as I squeezed the handle parts together and made the curved scraper move back and forth inside the scoop. Micah exclaimed "what the....." and Kyla finished his sentence....."heck"! Out of the mouth of babes!!

Long after the kids were gone and I sat down to write this post for you I sat with my ipad in my lap to look as some photos. I noticed a few pictures of Micah that I didn't remember taking. Investigating further, I found 376 Micah selfies that he must of taken while I thought he was quietly playing with his Legos!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sewing Lessons for a 2 Year Old

My 2 year old grand daughter loves to play with my fabric yo-yos so I decided to give her a little sewing lesson last week. I told her to use the sharp point of the needle on the fabric and not her fingers. That was it. I let her do the rest and she did a great job!!