Friday, April 25, 2014

Collaborating with Young Artists

It's spring break for my grandson so my time with the kids this past Tuesday was extended, without a break to pick him up from preschool. What better day to clear the family room of furniture and roll up the rug so we could spread out some art supplies and paint all day long!!

I know the kids had a great time learning about mixing color and trying out texture making tools. For was right up there as one of my happiest art making experiences. The whole day was full of yeses!

Can I get paint on my clothes? YES!
Can I use a bigger paint brush? YES!
Can I paint the sides of the canvas? YES!
Can I have more paint? YES!
Can I use my fingers? YES!

 We talked about primary colors and limited our palette to white, yellow, blue and red.  I asked them to mix the paint on the canvas and not on the paint tray so they could watch how the colors mixed and changed. I introduced them to texture making tools like scrapers and bubble wrap and watched them play!!

They added the color and I smeared it around with them. We all had paint on our faces and up to our elbows. It was so much fun!!

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