Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Art

My husband was out of town, our house guests were gone for the weekend and I was in the mood to create some art. What that looked like for me was spreading some paint and mix media supplies across a table in front of a bright window. I thought I'd just spend most of my Saturday there but it turned out to be a weekend retreat for me!

I wanted to create two canvases for our friends to hang in a retreat center  they are building in Africa. We had discussed the colors and the words. They were inspired by a piece I made several years ago that hangs in my home, so I used it as my inspiration as well.

As I worked on adding paper and paint to each canvas I was reminded of Mindy Lacefield. She is an artist who paints on Sunday mornings after she attends church. My husband and I choose to attend the Saturday evening worship service at our church. Creating worshipful art on Sunday mornings seems so appropriate to me, especially when I consider how my talent to create is a gift from the Lord.

A few weeks ago when I was going through a hard emotional time I started searching for some new music to listen to that might soothe the ache in my heart. I came across a collection of songs from Bethel Music called "Without Words". It was hard to put into words what I was feeling at the time and this title seems so appropriate. I started thinking about what worship sounds like or looks like without words. Today, as I was adding some details to one of the canvases, I had an epiphany about that.

This art that I was creating IS worship without words!

It is as much an act of worship as singing praise!

I am so grateful for days like today when I can create from my heart and dive deeper into what I love to do!!

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