Monday, September 15, 2014

Good Ol' Homemade Ice Cream

I remember going back to school after my summer break and inevitably my first writing assignment was a two page essay title, "What I did for my summer vacation".  How do you unfold that story in just a few paragraphs for you? The story of my summer is long so I won't bore you with all the details today but will unpack the highlight over the next couple of weeks.

Let me first tell you that you'd never know that I had surgery on my finger the third Monday of July. There is no visible evidence. Not even a scare. I guess if I had to be really picky about it I'd say there is a residual stiffness in my top knuckle but it's very slight. I am so grateful to have all that behind me!!

As for the rest of my summer, it was full....very full! It wasn't filled with vacation memories. It was filled with the ordinary moments that sometimes became extraordinary. Much like the day that I made ice cream with my grand kids! I only wish that we still had my grandma's hand crank ice cream maker but it fell apart years ago.  Making ice cream with my grandma Williams was an all day event that started with a trip to the ice house and ended with a brain freeze from eating the frozen yumminess too fast!

The brown bagged crushed ice from the ice house may have been replaced by a commercial bag of cubes from the market but you can still get a good ol' genuine brain freeze today just like I use to get on the back step of my grandma's house!!

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