Monday, January 19, 2015

Unexpected Solutions

Sometimes really good things happen by accident and it turns out to be an answer you’ve been looking for.

I used to plan my schedule to include a 3-mile walk at least 3 times a week. I can’t tell you when that changed but it did, and it’s been hard for me to re-establish that good habit again. My life looks much different now than it did then and I know that has a lot to do with it. The roadblock for me has been finding a regular time slot that I can devote to doing my preferred exercise - walking. 

finding unexpected solutions during an afternoon walk

About a week ago I was faced with a dilemma because my car needed to be at the mechanics for a day. Looking at my commitments for the week I realized there was not a single day that I could give up using my car…..or was there? Tuesdays and Thursdays are my day with the grandkids so my son, who is a work-from-home dad, can have 2 very productive work days without the kids. Knowing that the problem with my car was something that needed immediate attention, I decided to find another solution for picking up my grandson from Kindergarten the next day. This is when the accidental solution came to me. 

Walking around my small home town is pretty convenient. I often walk to the coffee shop on Friday mornings to meet my mother-in-law for breakfast and the elementary school is just a couple blocks from there. Even with all the energy that a 3-year-old can exhibit, I knew that my granddaughter would not be excited about making that walk especially after being woken up from her afternoon nap. My hope was that she would be happy to sit in a stroller, snack and water cup in hand, for a 30 minute ride to school and back. And on the flip side, I was hoping that my 5-year-old grandson would be a cooperative passenger on the standing platform at the back of the stroller provided he also had a snack to munch on. And finally, it all hinged on how I would do in pushing 30+ pounds up the hill to school and 90+ pounds home. Let me just say that I’m so glad the downhill part had the heaviest load!

finding unexpected solutions during an afternoon walk

finding unexpected solutions during an afternoon walk

The end of the story is that they were both very happy and cooperative kids. Kyla helped me put the snacks together on the second day and Micah’s reply was “Yeah” when I said we were walking again. For me, not only have I found a time to get my walk in, I also don’t have the stress of finding a parking space on those narrow, crowded streets!!

I’m thankful that I was put into a position where I had to think outside-the-box! If any of the circumstances had been different I may not be enjoying the benefits of this unexpected solution!

What great solutions have you received through happy accidents?

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