Monday, June 8, 2015

Studio Tour

Even when I have orders lined up across my wall I make it a priority to get out of my work routine and switch things up. As an entrepreneur working from home my job can take over every minute of my week if I let it. 

display of collection of art print cards in Mama Bleu Designs Studio

Monday, June 1, 2015

Making a Living as a Working Artist

I’m convinced that if you find something you are passionate about and are willing to work hard at it, you can definitely make a living as a working artist. It’s not easy but it IS possible.

My husband and I took a weekend trip to the Central Coast and I paid a visit to the "Shops at the Garden Shed" in Cambria which often fill me with inspiration. The Garden Shed itself used to be a single shop with beautiful garden decor and live plants. I watched them struggle through a few years of decline and wondered if they would shut their doors like several other businesses in the area.

To my delight they reinvented themselves and divided the property into multiple shopping areas where other small businesses can share the rent and have a place to sell their artistic creations!

JunkGirls is a new business there and it first caught my husband’s eye. He found me lagging behind him as I meandered slowly through the gardens and told me I needed to check them out because he knew I’d love their shop. Uh yeah…...I was awestruck with just about everything they had there!!

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