Monday, June 8, 2015

Studio Tour

Even when I have orders lined up across my wall I make it a priority to get out of my work routine and switch things up. As an entrepreneur working from home my job can take over every minute of my week if I let it. 

display of collection of art print cards in Mama Bleu Designs Studio

Last Friday was a good example of how crazy it can get here in my studio. My daughter has just started helping me with my work load and I am so thankful she was here that day. I had a really tight deadline and knew I needed to get a wedding order in the mail by 5pm. It was 4:15 and I noticed that one of the zippers was pulling apart. Even though I check and double-check every small detail, it is inevitable that something is going to get missed.

As that moment I wish I had a video of how quickly we made the correction! Heather turned into a power stitch-ripper and I finished packaging up the remaining clutches. By the time I was finish, the pieces were apart, pressed and ready to stitch again!!

The wedding order went into the mail at 4:45pm!! We looked at each other and had to laugh at how we pulled that off and how great we worked together.

Call me crazy but at 5pm I said let’s leave the orders and move some furniture around to clear the piles on the floor and make the work space feel fresh.

With new art work hanging in the windows and on the walls and all those miscellaneous piles of this and that put away in organized drawers for easy access, I’m ready for a new week!! 

Mama Bleu Designs studio space with mood board wall

pennant made from art print cards

collection of mood board cards strung as hanging pennant in a window

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organizing sewing supplies | Mama Bleu Designs

JoyFul pennant banner

Mama Bleu Designs studio with a print by Cori Dantini

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