Monday, August 31, 2015

Teaching the Next Generation

I have very fond memories of being taught to sew by my mom and my grandmother. When my granddaughter was 2 and showed interest in learning to sew I taught her how to handle a needle and thread.
Likewise, my husband, who is a 3rd generation carpenter and taught my son about woodworking, has begun his journey of teaching our 6 year old grandson about crafting things from wood.

Working from a drawing that Micah made of a birdhouse, they figured out the dimensions of each piece and began turning his picture into reality. It will be years before he will be able to handle power tools on his own but he learned that he could use his love of Math in grandpa’s wood shop. 

building a birdhouse with a 6 year old

Thursday, August 20, 2015

How an Instagram Post turned into a Stamp and Print Making Workshop

When my daughter started joining me in my studio back in April of this year, I suggested that we schedule a couple of artist dates each month. These days didn’t necessarily need to be an outing, but rather a set day or two when we’d put all our orders aside and play with new techniques for art making.

I’ve done a little bit of stamp making before and I wanted to explore this medium even more. We picked a day, in the middle of the week, in the middle of June, and played! I pulled out every possible tool and material we might want to use and we put ourselves in discovery mode.

It was a total blast!!

As usual, I took some photos, posted one on Instagram and kept working. This is when I learned how photos and hashtags can connect people out of the blue when you least expect it.