Thursday, September 17, 2015

Easy To Create Backdrops for Branding Your Product Photos

Branding your product photos can be a easy as choosing a backdrop that fits your style. If you are feeling challenged about coming up with some fresh ideas I have a list here that may help you get started. They are easy to create or purchase inexpensively. 

I love the freshness of a white background and there are several portable products that can be used to set up a backdrop. Art supply stores (and even the art section of office supply stores) have oodles of paper and other materials that can be turned into photo backgrounds!

Easy to create backdrops for branding your product photos | Mama Bleu Designs

I love a big ol’ sheet of paper for my white backdrops! I can lay it flat on a table or curve it for a more dimensional photo display.

If you need something even larger a roll of paper works great. They are available in various widths and I most often find them in the the kid’s art section.

These boards come in a variety of sizes and may be easier to handle than paper because of their sturdiness. Even though they are more rigid than paper they still have the flexibility to curve them.

If you’ve ever helped a child create a science project board you probably know exactly what I’m referring to. They fold up easily to make a portable backdrop and can stand up on their own.

One of my new favorite backdrops is a large white canvas. They aren’t as portable as a poster board or a roll of paper but they come in a much larger selection of sizes.

When you are purchasing a white poster board you might want to check out the various colors that are available. Think about your product and what mood a bright or pastel color might create for you brand.

If you have a couple of signature colors for your brand, consider picking up some tubes of paint and a paint brush while you are at the art supply store. Why not paint a couple of custom canvas backdrops. If a stretched canvas is too large for you to store, maybe a couple of yards of canvas is a better purchase for you. After it’s painted and dry, simply roll it up for safe keeping!


Speaking of painting, watercolor backdrops are really easy to make. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to create something beautiful. Just add water and a bit of paint on a brush and add it to your paper. Once it’s dry I think you’ll be surprised at how beautifully it works for a soft colored backdrop.

What are your favorite photo styling or backdrop tips?

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