Thursday, September 24, 2015

How I Became a Stitched Calligrapher

My story is much the same as most entrepreneurs and makers in that I didn’t start my journey with this place in mind. I never thought I’d be known for my stitched calligraphy! In fact, even though I know a lot about sewing and have years and years of experience, I didn’t know the first thing about free-motion stitching until 5 years ago. That’s the honest truth!!

stitched calligraphy | Mama Bleu Designs

If I’m interested in learning something new I quench my appetite with lots of books, web articles and videos. I devoured everything on the topic I came across until I finally got up the courage to try it myself.

The technique is fairly simple but mastering it is an ongoing process. I was so used to the machine being in control of the forward or backward movement of my fabric. And the speed of the needle movement normally increases the pace of the stitch. As that all became MY choice when stitching “free-motion” I had to literally learn how to sew again. 

stitched calligraphy | Mama Bleu Designs

So how did I become a stitched calligrapher? I combined my love of calligraphy with my passion for sewing and started using the machine thread as my ink! With the ability to write in my own handwriting with my sewing machine I practiced and practiced and practiced!! I’m always looking for ways to improve and change my stitched writing and I’m delighted that my customers love the personalized touch it brings to each of my handmade items.

If you are interested in trying free-motion stitching for yourself you may find this video helpful.

stitched calligraphy | Mama Bleu Designs

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