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How To Use Etsy Editor's Picks To Increase Your Sales

How To Use Etsy Editor's Picks To Increase Your Sales |

Just about every email that Etsy sends out is linked back to one of their Editor's Picks pages. 

The highlighted photos for the Editor's Picks are curated by Etsy and the pages of items that follow are relevant to the search terms that Etsy is featuring. These are clues that you can use to determine what keyword phrases you may want to use and get some extra exposure for your shop items. 

So how can you use these clues to increase your Etsy shop sale?


I took a look at a recent Etsy Newsletter that featured “Creative Ideas for Kids”. When I clicked on the link it took me to a landing page full of photos and corresponding pages. Let’s check out the by-line under the title For Kids & Babies.

how to increase your etsy sales

It says “Make every day magical with inspired finds for your little ones — from whimsical baby shower ideas to stylish kids’ clothes (plus: the best maternity gear for mothers-to-be)”
Just this statement alone is choke-full of keyword phrase clues. I typed several of these words in the search box to see what would come up as popular choices. These are a few that I found:

magical girl
magical boy
little one
whimsical baby shower

Moving down the page you’ll find keyword phrases that are more obvious like Toddler Girls and Baby Boys. When you find a category that fits your shop item I encourage you to click the photo and look more closely at the search phrase that Etsy is using. 

how to increase your etsy sales

Let’s take a look at “Matching Siblings & Twins”. The search term used here is twins children - which is not what I expected to find. Using this keyword phrase in a title and tag may significantly increase the sales for someone selling children’s clothing. It may not be a phrase that many people type in the search bar BUT it will get you on the 1st or 2nd page of this link in the Editor’s Picks.

Doing this kind of research may take some time but I can tell you from experience that it can make a huge difference in your sales. I started doing this for my own shop during the first week of November and doubled my sales from the previous November and December.  



I start out my work day in front of my computer and one of the first things I do is check my email for the latest Etsy Finds or Etsy Gifts newsletters. I click through all the links that are relevant to my shop to see if any of my items show up on the first or second page. If not, I know where I need to concentrate my efforts. These few steps each morning help me identify a handful of listings that may or may not need my attention, which helps me narrow my focus so I can use my time more effectively.


I wouldn’t say that this list is foolproof but these are the things I look for when I want to improve the ranking of one of my shop listings.

√ Have you updated your listings lately? Sometimes I’ll find an item with really old tags on it from when I was on treasury teams or outdated information in the description.

√ Try switching the order of the first and second keyword phrases of your title to see if it makes a difference.

√ Add a newly identified keyword phrase that is relevant to the Editor’s Picks for the day/week

√ If you know your listing is completely optimized for that search term/phrase, sometimes renewing it will increase the chance that it will pop up on the first page. 


I’m just like everyone else, my inbox is jammed full of emails messages. As a business owner on Etsy, I have found that it’s really important to look at or read every email that they send me. 

You can see how I’m using the Etsy emails to my advantage. I also make sure to read every single one of the Etsy Success emails. Staying informed can keep you on the front edge of success! 

I wrote a blog post on how to subscribe to Etsy's Newsletters here

Do you have some unique strategies for using the information from Etsy Newsletters?

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