Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Inspiration and Lessons from Photographer Kim Klassen

Inspiration and Lessons from Photographer Kim Klassen | MamaBleu.com

When I first started using Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos I was confused with the program but determined to make it my go-to photo editing program. Fortunately, at the time, I stumbled across photographer Kim Klassen’s website. She was teaching an online class on Lightroom so I jumped in and immersed myself in her lessons.  

free Lightroom Class with Kim Klassen

I slowly drifted away from looking at her blog each week so when I rediscovered her during the holidays I was enchanted once again with her photos, inspiration and online lessons. Within a couple of weeks of subscribing to her newsletter I was informed that she was offering a free Lightroom class so I enrolled to give myself a refresher and knowing that there are so many more features in the program that I’ve yet to use and understand I knew it would be time well spent. 

I share this with you because she will be opening up another free class in February. It’s called LEAP [into Lightroom] and you need to enroll in order to enter the online classroom when it starts.

A few months ago and she shared a virtual tour of her studio in Canada. I’d love to spend the afternoon with her, sipping some tea from one of her pretty china cups and slowly taking in all the beautiful things she’s collected as photo props!

creating wreaths from foriaged greens

One of these days I’ll replace my old worn out DSLR camera and enroll in one of her photography classes and make better use of her collection of Lightroom Presets. Her website is full of photos that she’s edited with them and these are just a few of them! 

Kim offers a variety of fee-based and free classes. And if you need some inspiration for your blog, your instagram feed or styling your shop photos, she has various free tutorials you may want to watch. 

I encourage you to visit Kim's site and sign up for her newsletter so you'll get all her freebies and update about future classes. Enjoy!!

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