Friday, August 3, 2018

When a Home Remodel Becomes a Life Remodel

It was January 2017. We thought it would be the year to finally dive in to a long awaited home remodel. The timing seemed right and we were certain enough about it that we drew up plans, purchased appliances and contacted sub-contractors.

Then, what started out as a home remodel suddenly turned into a life remodel and all construction plans were put on hold.

Our life remodel began when my husband was asked to hand over his corporate job phone and keys. He, and several others in the company, lost their jobs on that 4th Friday of March.

My husband has been in construction all his life. He is third generation in the family trade. What he knows is old school and almost a lost art.

His life, our life together, has always been about remodeling other people's homes. That was true for so many years until the phone stopped ringing in 2009 when the economy turned downward and he started to consider the option of taking a corporate job in construction.

We talked. We prayed. The doors opened up and we walked into a very different life than we were used to.

Although we knew it was where the Lord was leading us, that season turned our world upside down. Some of it was easy and very good. Much of it was hard and very challenging.

Then we fast forward 8 years to that Friday morning when we faced his sudden job lose.

Questions arose ~

Did we make the right move?
Was this corporate job REALLY the direction we were supposed to go?

I remember answering the phone call from my husband that morning when he shared the job lose news with me.  A "what if" conversation had rehearsed in my head many times but I never really thought it would happened.

In those moments, no matter how many times it previews in your head, you can't predict how you will react.

My hope was that I would feel God's peace.....His peace beyond understanding. My hope was that I would be confident in that He sees it all. My hope was that I'd walk out what I believe.....that our God is a good and compassionate Father.

Facing a hardship, whatever it may be, seems to put a magnifying glass up to our eyes and make it look so big. As the both of us sat together that afternoon, tears running down our faces, we knew in our hearts that everything was going to be okay.

A home remodel, although you have a plan to start with, always has it's surprises. You just never know what you are going to find once walls are opened up. Plans often change. Unexpected things happen. Time frames are extended.

It's messy. It's emotional. It's uncomfortable. It's exciting. It's hard. It's all worth it!

Our life remodel has been all of that!!

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