Mama Bleu Designs got it's name from a daydream about a bluebird. She carries the sky on her back and perches on the tallest flowers of a garden in full bloom. Her cheerful song and sweet words are carried high on the wind and float across her garden, into her neighborhood and out into the world in hopes of bringing joy to everyone who hears it.

Started in 2010 by Laura Clauson, Mama Bleu Designs is an online shop filled with personalized clutch bags and wall decor. Known widely in the bridal community for creating personalized wedding clutches, I specialize in custom-made stitched illustrations with an emphasis on embroidered words and letters. Each item is a combination of the customer's color choice and Mama Bleu Designs signature style which results in a customized gift that is uniquely personalized.

MamaBleu.com is a blog about the goings on in the Mama Bleu Designs studio, a place where ideas are born and shared, creativity is encouraged and discovering how to embrace our creative potential as a way of life.

Just as customer ideas have influenced new product designs for the shop, your input may spur on a new idea or topic for the blog as well.

You can contact me at mamableudesigns@gmail.com

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